"Ms. Bartlett was hired in a contested dissolution case in Florida, one which was not seemingly going to settle and was set for trial.  The most difficult part for me was hiring her from across the country.  However, she was prompt, professional and a true expert in her field.  She provided us with a remarkable report that effectively assisted in settling a case which had not settled for nearly two years.  She even professionally handled a spouse who did not want to participate with the process.  However, she stuck with us and convinced him to appear for his evaluation.  I would absolutely recommend her as a vocational expert.  Although my case settled, which is great for the parties, I wish I could have seen her in trial.  She certainly knows her field and rose above the other side's expert."
Christina M. Green, Esq.
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Kelly Bartlett - Certified Voc Rehab Counselor
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Compassionately Impartial / Vocationally Logical

Kelly Bartlett specializes in a wide range of vocational rehabilitation consulting and expert witness litigation support services for various legal systems, private businesses, governmental agencies and the general public.  

Kelly has more than twenty (20) years of direct service delivery of vocational rehabilitation counseling, evaluation, and consulting services in such venues of workers’ compensation, family law, personal injury, social security disability, long term disability, veterans’ administration, State Teachers’ Retirement System, federal workers’ Office of Workers’ Compensation Programs, State Department of Vocational Rehabilitation and more.

Kelly has been a Certified Rehabilitation Counselor (Gold Standard) since 1994 and is nationally board certified as a Diplomate of the American Board of Vocational Experts. Kelly currently serves as Past President of the California Chapter of the International Association of Rehabilitation Professionals.

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